How to Know Whether to Repair or Replace Your Roof

How to Know if It's Time to Replace Your Roof with Beautiful New Shingles

Knowing whether to opt for roof repairs or a complete roof replacement is crucial to maintain the structural integrity and safety of your property. The right choice can prevent further damage, preserve your home's aesthetic value, and optimize financial expenditure. At Onit Roofing, we make your safety and satisfaction our top priority, so we are sharing key factors in determining whether roof repairs or replacement are right for your home.

Why Does the Age of Your Roof Matter?

How Old Is Too Old?

As a roof gets older, asphalt shingles will dry out and start to get brittle. Not only does this lead to an increase in cracked shingles but it also makes it difficult to perform repairs if there is a leak, as the shingles can tear and cause damage around the repair spot. The typical lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is around 15 – 20 years. So, if you are experiencing problems with your roof and it is nearing this average lifespan, it might be time for a replacement.

The Impact of Storm Damage on the Health of Your Roof

In Texas, we can experience some extreme weather, with high winds and hail storms being the most notorious perpetrators of roof damage. These natural disasters can often result in visible signs such as missing shingles, dents, or leaks, which are generally repairable. However, if the damage is widespread or severe, compromising the structural integrity of your roof, it could indeed be an indication that a full roof replacement is necessary. Luckily, your home’s insurance policy may cover the replacement. If your home was affected by hail or windstorms, seek a qualified roof inspector. They will examine the extent of the damage and can support you in restoring your roof.

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Does a Single Leak Mean You Need a Roof Replacement?

A single leak does not necessarily mean you need a full roof replacement. A professional roof inspector will evaluate the severity of the leak to determine the appropriate course of action. They'll begin with an interior inspection, looking for signs of water intrusion in your attic. They'll also note the size, location, and number of leaks, as larger leaks or those near critical areas, like the chimney or vent pipes, may be more complex to repair.

The inspector will then move to the exterior, checking for visible signs of damage. They'll assess whether the leak is an isolated incident, perhaps caused by damage from falling debris, or if it's symptomatic of broader issues like aging shingles or inadequate flashing. If the leak is small, localized, and the rest of your roof is in good shape, a repair may suffice. However, if the roof is nearing its lifespan or if there are multiple leaks, a replacement could be the more cost-effective choice in the long run.

6 warning signs of a roof leak include:

  • Look for water stains on your ceiling - These are often the most obvious sign of a roof leak. They can appear as dark or discolored spots.
  • Check your attic - If you have access to your attic, you can check for leaks there. Signs of a leak include damp insulation, mold, or even daylight showing through small holes.
  • Inspect your gutters – If your gutters are clogged with a large amount of granules, this may be a sign that your roof is deteriorating, which could lead to leaks.
  • Look for missing, damaged, or curling shingles – Any of these conditions can provide a pathway for water to enter your home.
  • Take note of any musty odors – If you smell a musty odor in certain rooms, it could indicate a roof leak causing dampness and potential mold growth.
  • Check for rodent activity – The presence of rodents in your attic, or signs of them, such as droppings, could indicate they have extra access points into your home via a leak.

It’s important to remember that the best way to determine whether or not your roof needs professional attention is to consult with an experienced roofing company. At Onit Roofing, we make the process of scheduling an inspection as convenient as possible. With free, same-day estimates, you can feel confident knowing that your roof is in good hands.

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